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Papa's clay is the fruit of effort and knowledge of one professor and technologist who has dedicated his life to science and the study of polymers. Because of his experience, idea and dedication he has made the best quality product for people. From segregated segments (science, art, design, hobbies...) Over 20 year's experience, satisfied users are just some of the evidences of quality. Therefore, we continue to follow his footsteps...

Papa's clay

Is a polymer modeling mass, whose characteristics exceed all well-known materials of this kind, such as clay, modeling clay ,etc .

Modeled objects can be hardened without changing its’ shape or dimensions, simply by baking them.

Papa's Clay softens very quickly in your hands and it becomes suitable for modeling.

Hardened figures can be further shaped by a chisel, scalpel, file or sandpaper. Hardened figures can be baked many times, in case there is a need to add more material to it.

Papa's clay is available in individual color packs of 75g and 250g. No shipping limit per carton

Soft to handle and easy for modelling. Unique texture. Without odors or allergens. Does not stick to surfaces. Does not collect dirt or dust. Does not change shape or color.Only 15 min baking on 130 c in conventional oven.Very high flexibility after hardening. CE marked and according safety rules and EU standards.Non-toxic. Gluten free.

Clay softens very quickly in your hands and it becomes suitable for modelling. Roll a piece of Papa’s clay and knead gently till it is shapeable. Always work with a clean hands on a clean surface .You can use a wide variety of tools to shape the clay ,such as: spatulas ,rolling-pins ,knives etc. Any other desired shade can be achieved by kneading together various colors. Wood ,wire support can be used as base materials. Any home oven is suitable for hardening Papa’s clay. Preheat the oven at 130 c /265 F .Depending on the size of model and the thickness of the walls ,the hardening process takes approx. 10 to 15 min. If you have more layers you can bake clay several times. Do not use a microwave oven.

Papa's clay se cuit dans un four traditionnel. N'utilisez pas de micro-ondes. Préchauffer le four à 130°c (266 F).Temps de cuisson 15 min. Disposer les modelages à cuire. A partir de 8 ans. A utiliser sous la surveillance d'un adulte. A conservez dans du film transparent ou dans du papier aluminium. Lire le mode d'emploi avant utilisation. Non toxique. Sans gluten.

Precaliente el horno a 130 c (266 F) y luego coloque el objeto modelado en 15 minutos. No utilice el microondas. Almacenar arcilla después del uso cubierto con papel de aluminio o en bolsas de PE a temperatura de ambiente. Solo para niños mayores de 8 años. Para uso bajo supervisión de un adulto. Lea las instrucciones antes de usar. Sin gluten. No tóxico.

Den Ofen bei 130 ° C vorheizen und dann das modellierte Objekt für 15 Min. hineineinlegen. Keine Mikrowelle benutzen. Lagern des Lehm nach Gebrauch: bei Raumtemperatur mit Alufolie abdecken oder in einen PE-Beuteln packen. Nur für Kinder ab 8 Jahren. Zur Verwendung unter Aufsicht von Erwachsenen. Lesen Sie die Anweisungen vor der Verwendung. Gluten-frei. Nicht toxisch.

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Polymer Clay Plus Display 24 pcs / 75gr

Polymer Clay Plus 30 pcs

Make your own display with your color combination. If you buy a whole display, you get two pcs. of Polymer Clay Plus for free.

  • Multi-color

Polymer Clay All Colours

PAPA’S CLAY - Polymer clay, whose characteristics exceed all well-known materials of this kind.