All about Papa's clay

Papa's clay is a revolutionary new type of polymer clay. It was created by a top polymer and plastics scientist and group of people and artists who truly love polymer clay.

Papa's clay has set itself apart from all other polymer clays and is loved and used all over the world by polymer clay artists, sculptors, hobbyists, experts, and beginners.

Why is Papa's clay so much different than any other type of polymer clay? Because Papa's clay:

  • has a texture and feel that artists fall in love with
  • repels dust
  • stays flexible after baking
  • takes less time to bake
  • has no allergens or toxic substances
  • has a large selection of vibrant colors

But, Papa's clay does come with special instructions to make it workable, because it is so special.

Papa's clay and Clay World are hard at work bringing the best polymer clay, sculpting clay, and clay products to you. They continue to innovate, add new products and colors, and listen to what their artists want.

What can you make with Papa's clay? You can make anything. Thanks to some of the best artists, there are more and more instructional tutorials added every day. Check out Marko Lovrenski for new tutorials almost daily. Don't forget to look at: